Start a Blog

Welcome to my world J … 😀

Let me guess what made you land here!!


  • Maybe a writer inside you want to showcase the skills in front of the entire world, so you are searching ways on how to start a blog?
  • Maybe you are struggling from past few months but you are not getting the exact blueprint of ‘How to start a blog from scratch ?’
  • Maybe you saw a teenager making $$$$$ like anything which inspired the devil inside you to get up and step on the field? ( Well I know at last money is the biggest motivation.) 😉
  • Maybe you came across some big Influencer’s blog which inspired you to start your own blog?


  • Maybe something else…..-_-

But, from which ever above category you are or not, the moral of the story is, ‘YOU want the complete step by step guide to creating a SUCCESSFUL BLOG’.

Don’t worry you will get an exact blueprint of ‘How to start a blog from scratch’ BUT before that, I need to tell you the ‘WHY’ behind a blog.

What!! You didn’t get me. -_-

Hmmm…. I mean FIRST, find a reason, Why you want to start a blog?

YES!! This ‘WHY’ can take you to the heights of success BUT, only when you have A GOAL, A VISION.

Thinking!!!  (* Yes you are Right! Girl )

Guys, You know there is two type of people, FIRST who want a SECURED life and want everything smooth in a routine manner, and SECOND, who are never satisfied and try to do something different every day and keeps on experimenting.

I know many of you want to be in the first category, RIGHT! Yeah! Why not we work for a secured future.

If you are THINKING in that way than GROW UP *_*


The time you start feeling secure and complete, then get ready for your DOWNFALL. SATISFACTION is the way next to your downfall. The moment you get satisfied in life just count days back of dropping back to the bottom.

Always be a HUSTLER and keep on finding ways to give something different to the world (*Innovate ). Don’t ever get satisfied with small candies ( like, car, $$$ bank balance, home, JOB). Always plan big and plan every moment of your life.

If you think you have all those qualities of second category people than only you can survive in blogging. Guys, Blogging is all about hustling, one you hustle hard grows and others stay back or fail.

So, I think all of you guys must have found a ‘WHY’ for starting a blog? 😀

So, let’s continue with our guide on ‘How to start a blog from scratch?’…..

This guide will tell you all the entire process of creating a successful blog from scratch.

If you think I am a scholar who is making this guide than oops you are wrong. (Haha)  I will tell you why I am making this guide.

Why I am Making A Guide : Ahhh…It’s just because I have been running my own blogs who were extremely beneficial to me. I made my identity in this Internet world by giving something new to the readers. J I am able to achieve financial freedom at a young age, and I want more youth to step into this Industry worth $19 TRILLION.

So, Get to a beast mode and start a blog NOW because I want you guys to reap at least some of the same benefits.

If you are a beginner download/print the copy of this guide (Say it ‘TREASURE’) so that you can open it anytime and read whenever you are stuck somewhere.

I have explained every bit of blogging from the scratch in this guide, so just sit on the chair for a fully Digital session with me Preet Sandhu to enjoy this roller-coaster ride of blogging. J I’ve tried to cover almost everything I could think of right from planning to start a blog to setting up WordPress site to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I think we should proceed now without wasting much of time as I know you all are curious to ‘Start A Blog’. 😉